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Loss of the Unbound: Ordeal of the Dracomancer (an Epic Fantasy Adventure) by Luna Fox, F Lowberry

The "Ordeal of the Dracomancer" series is the sequel to the "Plight of the Dracomancer" series. Chaos in the making… One year has passed since the terrible events at Eldenhaven–one year since the bond shared between Kalindra and Rina was severed. One year since war was declared by Lundell upon Dracomancers, and one year since Parthenis has known nothing but war… What will become of them as they learn who’s behind the Final War? An unbreakable bond… Peace is no longer on Parthenis as hostility is waged not only against Dracomancers but against all geans and nosferati by none other than Kali’s father. It’s not only her father who she has to look out for. More enemies are on the rise as alliances form and word of a new king is now leading a band of rebels. Now left with no allies in sight, it’s the perfect time for Kali to have a talk with someone she hasn’t seen for a long time. When Dracomancers are left unbound, will Parthenis unite as one again? The “Ordeal of the Dracomancer” series is a fast-paced, action-packed young adult epic fantasy adventure with swords, magic and dragons, unexpected twists and turns, and endearing characters. Read less

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