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Immunity Cage: A Dystopian Science Fiction Novel about Genetically Engineered Humans (Modified Humans Book 1) by Louise Spilsbury

Early 22nd century. A hundred years of pandemics, wars, and dwindling human populations. If you’re rich enough, you protect yourself from disease with X-cells from Immunity Specialists, the rare and valuable Genetically Modified Humans. Otherwise you have to settle for the imperfect quick-vaccines. Jian is Heredis Corporation’s most valuable Modified. With every new outbreak, he must allow himself to be exposed to deadly pathogens in order to prime his X-cells for harvesting. The company ensures his co-operation by applying psychological conditioning to addict him to a pair of perfect lovers. But when Cullen and Dani die in the New Spanish outbreak, no one knows how to turn the conditioning off. As his lovers’ ghosts haunt him and his health and sanity fail, the company begins to consider unspeakable solutions. Jian must find a way to free himself… before it’s too late.

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