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Aria of Rivers

Aria of Rivers by Lilse Asalt


Aria is an orphan who has spent her life trying to live up to the luck that made her into a priestess. Her only dream is to be the perfect acolyte for the goddess she serves. She has little understanding of the wheels turning around her. As a curse is spreading through the land and wiping out what little hope the common folk have, she is given a gift by the goddess she serves. But how can she live up to expectation as a nobody? How can she save everyone if she cannot save herself?

Dead End Florals: A Cozy Fantasy

Dead End Florals: A Cozy Fantasy by Lilse Asalt

Hades ruled with an iron fist, handled his affairs with all the cool intellect and remorse that one exudes from death itself. But even a king cannot deny he wishes for spring. To charge his solemn existence, he reaches for a flower -- Persephone -- and plucks her from her gilded cage to flourish in a small flower shop. What they did not imagine were monsters, mayhem, and mysteries that would bind them as partners in law and order.

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