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Bluebeard's Curse by Lidiya Foxglove

He'd kill for me. I'll die without him. My mother has promised me to a complete stranger. She says he is the doctor who saved my life when I was ill--but I've never known a doctor like Torvald Madsen. When I wake from my illness, he has marked my skin with the tattoo of a tree that spreads across my whole body--and heats at his mere presence, crying for his touch. We are married quickly, with no friends or family, and then he steals me away. I dreamed of being an artist, and now I am the wife of the lord of a northern keep at the edge of troll country. Although he is handsome and protective and encourages me to paint, he is keeping secrets from me. Why is it rumored that he had other wives? Why do I grow so cold without his presence? Why can't I go into the east wing? And why are his eyes full of such pain? As I peek back my husband's secrets, the truth might kill me--or set us both free. Bluebeard's Curse is a fairy tale retelling for those who like an adorable happily ever after with a side of serious steaminess!

Doll Girl Meets Dead Guy by Lidiya Foxglove


It’s not easy being a doll girl in a flesh-and-blood world. Although her race was created from magic as second-class citizens, Sorla’s baked goods are now famous for miles around thanks to her hard work and unrelenting optimism. She’s even attracted the notice of Prince Seldon, who invites her to work at the royal bakery in the capital. The one thing Sorla’s life is missing is love. Her youthful crush ditched her for a normal girl with generous curves (of course), and technically she is unsexed (parts sold separately). Flesh girls certainly don’t have to save money to buy themselves lady bits before they can even date. Her ride-for-hire to the capital? Dorr, a soldier revived from a battlefield death, as is the way of his necromancing clan. He might rather have been left to die with his comrades. Instead, a few parts of their bodies were stitched on to fix his. Scarred and broken, Dorr wants to drop off his overly cheerful companion as quickly as possible—until he realizes that her pastries are the only thing that’s tasted good since his revival. As they slowly open up over dog rescues (her idea), graveyard strolls (his idea), and of course, delicious pastry, love and trust grows between these two misfits. But the war isn’t over, and when the royal family expect Sorla’s pastries to save the life of the hero of the realm, she might lose Dorr and everything she’s worked for. Cross a Ghibli movie with The Nightmare Before Christmas, add a little spice, and you might have the quirkiest of romcoms.

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