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The Eye of Everfell by Lewis Knight


In a kingdom where peace and chaos balance on a knife's edge ... fear is growing. The High King is whispered to have gone mad, and rumors of unnatural forces spread across the realm. In the middle of the conflict are Nyori and Marcellus: a priestess and a famed knight whose paths couldn't be more different. But whether swept from humble grasslands to treacherous mountains or from a noble palace to a warlord's dungeon, both will find their lives irrevocably altered and their destinies inexplicably intertwined by forces beyond their understanding.

For beings once thought to be myths emerge from the shadows, led by Alaric, the Pale Lord. King of a doomed race, he will do anything to cure them of their dreadful curse, even if it means tearing the realms of men apart like rotted cloth. 
Amid deceptions and pursuits, triumphs and tragedies, battles and alliances, Nyori and Marcellus will find themselves pitted against overwhelming forces of darkness, unaware that the greater danger is closer than they realize.

For the Eye of Everfell sees all, including the darkness within.

Don't miss this sweeping saga from a rising star in epic fantasy. Pick up your copy today!

Syn City: Reality Bytes by Lewis Knight

SPSFC 2022

He's a mentally-enhanced hacker; she's a cyborg cop. They're supposed to work on opposite sides of the law ... until a common threat targets them both. Specter is a thief and hustler addicted to Elysia: a virtual reality world where limits don't exist, and he can have everything he desires. His illegal activities put him in the crosshairs of Cyber Corp, a lethal government agency specializing in hunting down the most wanted fugitives. Enigma is a Scyther: a former criminal forced to work for Cyber Corp after being enhanced as a super-soldier. A device implanted in her skull keeps her loyal, even when hunting down members of her old team. And now, she has a new assignment: tracking down and eliminating Specter.

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