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Blue Shadow Falls by Lenore Sutznegger

Shadow and Bone meets A Quiet Place in this atmospheric and chilling dark fantasy debut. "They wear the faces of your loved ones, but are more beautiful than you could ever imagine. Lovely things shouldn't draw you in and kill you. You almost want them to." Seventeen-year-old Blue Haven, gifted with superhuman sight since birth, dreams of becoming a warrior—not that anything's happened near the wall since Old Man Amos was attacked by that beaver. The Shadow Elves—humans infected by a zombie apocalypse-like plague—have died out over the past 150 years, leaving life altogether boring. In her quiet farming village nestled in the shadows of the Smoky Mountains, warriors are no more than a formality. But Blue's unique sight is beginning to show her some troubling things. A suspicious green-eyed outsider. A strikingly beautiful Shadow Elf. These visions can't be real—because if they are, that means everyone's been wrong. Dead wrong. They are not the last survivors in the world. And they aren't prepared for the reality Blue's eyes are showing her. Set in a small, idyllic post-apocalyptic town, this slow-burn romance features first love, super senses, and monsters that lurk in the dark shadows of the blue mountains. "Blue Shadows Fall is fast-paced, intriguing, and the perfect escape for fantasy fans with beautifully woven plot threads." -Indies Today Editorial, 5 Star Review "A completely original mashup: dystopian, dark fantasy, fairy tale, and folklore" -Sarah Goethem, author of Wind Song "Small town secrets, Southern gothic atmosphere, and a certain pair of eyes that see disturbing things create a spellbinding read." -Autumn Krause, author of A Dress For The Wicked "Stutznegger creates an idyllic spot amid a frightening unknown outside world in Haven, one of those rare post-apocalypse communities you'd really want to live in." -J. Trevor Robinson, author of The Mummy of Monte Cristo

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