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The Crux of Eternity

The Crux of Eternity by Lane Trompeter


One must be saved, one must be broken, one must seek vengeance, and one must choose. This epic fantasy series is set in a world shaped by a select few masters of the natural elements, whose magic can control the fabric of reality. The visions of a long-forgotten queen, the Master of Time, foretell a crossroads in the future of humanity. Oblivious to their own significance, four strangers will dictate the fate of the world, and all life balances on the knife edge of their choices. A pariah in her homeland for being too pale and out of place elsewhere for being too dark, Kettle creates her own family amongst the dregs of society... Beggared after a fire consumed his surrogate mothers, Jace attempts a desperate theft which leads him to a mysterious benefactor and a life he never imagined... The princess of a continent-spanning kingdom, Iliana is torn between her father’s demands and a burgeoning love for both her childhood friend and the guardswoman who protects her... The power to shape thought and desire should be tempered by a moral compass, something Bastian lacks. After magic-hating zealots capture him, their demand in exchange for his freedom is simple: save the world. One decisive night will gather them all together under the same roof, where the flickering fires of life will continue to burn... or be extinguished forever.

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