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Jinn Academy: Year One

Jinn Academy: Year One by Kira Moericke

Once upon a time, my life was perfect. I ruled high school with an iron fist and an impeccable sense of fashion. Then on my eighteenth birthday, my days of power ended with a burst of light–literally. Gold balls of light shot out of my hand when I heard the wishes of my peers whisper across my mind, resulting in me getting suspended. Me, Mercedes Davenport! But that wasn’t even the worst part of the day. No; that happened when I was invited to the Academy for the Exceptionally Gifted, or as I call it, Jinn Academy, a magical school just for genies. And finding out that I was one of them. Now I’m stuck at Jinn Academy until I complete all the courses that will allow me to safely live in the human world without causing a magic malfunction. But with my powers on the fritz, I may be stuck here forever. Seriously, could my life get any worse?

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