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Living to Fight

Living to Fight by Justin Crough

The aftermath of an alien invasion; Disintegration of the World Government resulted in New Nations to divide up the Earth. The alien enemy remains, marooned on the war-torn Earth and confined to habitation zones that are patrolled by the remains of Earth’s official military. Disgruntled veterans of the War, turned mercenary, ensure solidarity in a Mercenaries Guild of their own making. They use their skills to make a living from the turmoil, hired by the New Nations that fight for territory and resources. Combat involves everything from cutting-edge hovertanks and giant mech armoroids to the obsolete vehicles of previous wars. Michael Breker is an aging commander of a platoon of mercenaries trying to climb into more lucrative contracts. When a woman who was genetically designed to perfection comes back into his life, he has a chance to find some deeper meaning to his existence. But events far above his control have been put into motion that will pull him into life and death the way he has not experienced since the defining battle against the invaders. In a world where genetic labs create immortal war heroes and the despised clones of draftees have no place in civilian society, Breker will find that he is no longer just a man. He will be faced with a conspiracy that will threaten all life on the planet; and if the religious fanatics are to be believed, the universe itself! He will have to decide if the fight is reason enough for living.

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