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Euclidean by John Triptych

SPSFC 2023

A hidden mystery in Jupiter’s second-largest moon holds a power beyond imagining. Beneath the icy surface of Callisto lies an underground sea. Decades from now, a research base is built to study the strange lifeforms inhabiting this silent world before tragedy struck, killing everyone in it. News of this incident is quickly hushed up, and all access to the Galilean moon restricted. Kirill Sereda became orphaned when his mother went missing at that very outpost. Now an adult, he gathers together a team of misfits for a clandestine mission: head to Callisto and find out what really happened. What they uncover is a profound enigma that sheds light on humanity’s true origins, and its revelation could bring about our ultimate extinction.


Earthship by John Triptych & Michel Lamontagne

SPSFC 2022

Our world will be destroyed. Only a chosen few can escape. In the near future, a cataclysmic collision with a rogue planet destabilizes the sun, causing an exponential increase of its output. With the ever-increasing heat, life on earth will be extinguished within a decade. As the global crisis deepens, it falls on a handful of individuals who will determine whether humanity survives. NASA scientist Dr. Olivia Quinn must outwit a corrupt government system and warn the public before it’s too late. Veteran astronaut Valerie McKinnon and her son Sawyer are in a race against time to build a space ark that could rescue countless lives. And Armand Balkan, a cutthroat trillionaire who seeks to maintain his empire by any means possible, could either save or doom them all.

The Piranha Solution

The Piranha Solution by John Triptych


In the near future, a new space race begins. Private industry is now pushing the limits of human exploration and colonization. NASA has changed its mandate into a regulatory agency for overseeing all US-based corporations and individuals involved in interplanetary expansion. Stilicho Jones always has his hands full while working as a personal troubleshooter for eccentric trillionaire Errol Flux and his numerous cutting edge space projects. When a mysterious and potentially deadly situation threatens the colonies on Mars, Stilicho must team up with a feisty NASA special agent in a race against time to avert a looming catastrophe that could end any hope of inhabiting the Red Planet.

The Opener (Expatriate Underworld Book 1)

The Opener (Expatriate Underworld Book 1) by John Triptych

Abandoning a recession-plagued America for the easy money of Southeast Asia's lucrative but highly illegal investment scam industry, Don Rouse must navigate through a sordid world of drug addicts, deviants, prostitutes and professional con men in order to achieve his lifelong dream of making it big. But his world is suddenly turned upside down when the police show up and his boss goes missing. After a chance meeting with the alluring but enigmatic Jessica, Don is plunged into a high stakes mystery that could very well put an end to his criminal career and perhaps even his life. From the fleshpots of Bangkok to the gritty streets of Manila, John Triptych’s debut novel sheds a new light on the little known world of international organized crime. Recommended for mature readers.

The Glooming (Wrath of the Old Gods Book 1)

The Glooming (Wrath of the Old Gods Book 1) by John Triptych

BOOK 1 OF AN EPIC POST-APOCALYPTIC SERIES! MYTHS ARE NO LONGER JUST LEGENDS, THEY ARE REAL. The end of the world is finally here. And it will be nothing like what you’d expect. All over the earth, strange and horrific events begin to unfold. A US combat team in Iraq comes under attack from mystical forces, an anthropology professor has an eerie encounter at Stonehenge, a runaway teen finds a very strange pet in Arizona, a young orphan in Siberia meets a terrifying old woman, and a pair of NYPD detectives discovers the ghastly doings of a supernatural cult. A large and diverse group of characters struggle to survive as civilization begins to collapse all around them. As each one realizes their true potential, every one of them must go through a personal, danger-filled journey in order to turn back the sweeping tide of chaos and destruction that threatens the entire world as we know it. Many will die, others will be corrupted, and the remaining few will be the humanity’s only hope. For the old gods have returned to cleanse the earth, and their revenge will be swift and merciless.

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