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Love in the Wreckage: A Science Fiction Story Collection

Love in the Wreckage: A Science Fiction Story Collection by Jessie Sprague

When a world is ending... Love becomes more important than ever. But love is not one-size-fits-all. Explore the kinds of emotional bonds that arise amid vastly different circumstances in this anthology full of futuristic tech, aliens, and celestial threats. “Blind Black” A plague, an alien invader, and a dark dungeon—Carika’s had better years. In the midst of her imprisonment, she’s found a noble companion who she might be able to free from the alien’s influence… if doing so doesn’t kill him. “Streamlined Living” When a questionable new app promising a perfect life goes viral, Rhea wonders what a “perfect life” would look like for her. How much would she give up to love herself? “Suneater” Earth’s hours are numbered. June wants to be with her family, but she’s torn between her distant husband and her baby niece who remind her of the life she’ll never have. “Wreckage” Menacing faces in the sky could be the end of humanity, but blighted love was killing Cara already—she just hadn’t faced it. “Awake” Sleeping Beauty wakes. Rose can’t believe her husband loved her enough to spend years bringing her back, yet she questions the price of her own continued consciousness. Come join the fun in a trip through the wreckage! Read less

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