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Blood & Magic Eternal

Blood & Magic Eternal by Jessaca Willis

She’s fought hard to survive their reign of terror. But can she stop them from devouring humanity? Charlotte Thorne won’t rest until she’s had revenge. Counting down to the day she can kill the vampire king who murdered her family, she stalks his minions picking them off one by one with her deadly crossbow. But a potentially fatal misstep while checking her traps throws the talented huntress into the depths of the bloodsucker’s royal dungeons. Discovering she and her cellmates are to be released as prey for the vicious predator’s sport, Charlotte vows to extract them all before the brutal games begin. But when tensions rise and other humans fall into the tyrant’s grasp, she fears she’s about to watch everyone she cares for be sacrificed to a grisly hunt… Can she fire off a last lethal bolt before demons and beasts erase her kind forever? Blood & Magic Eternal is the gripping first book in the Blood & Magic Eternal dark gothic fantasy series. If you like vengeful heroines, grim dystopias, and slow-burn romance, then you’ll love Jessaca Willis’s epic adventure.

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