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Decayed by Jennifer Pierce-Gaeta

Kira and her tag tag team are at it again. In a race against time and Hell, it remains to be seen who will come out the victor. The race for the second key piece is in full swing. Add a new virus that is affecting the supernatural and Were Animal communities and you have a recipe for disaster. Will Kira and her team survive the coming onslaught? Will they drop the ball? Will Hell win?

Miscreants by Jennifer Pierce-Gaeta

Kira and her team are up shit creek without a paddle. The coordinates for the last key piece are in a compromised location that forces the team to work outside the rules. With every known power combing the Earth for our heroes, will they succeed in their mission? Under heavy fire, the team plunged into the Underworld with the hopes of saving us all. Join Kira and her band of misfits as they enter the final push to save the world from Hell’s hostile takeover.

Nightshade by Jennifer Pierce-Gaeta

Zoey was a sweet little girl until her life takes a drastic twist at the tender age of five. During her birthday party, an attack on her mother, Queen Elise, changes her fate forever. Designated be her mother’s decree as the the court assassin Zoey is sent away to learn the arts of death and stealth. Years later, she is summoned to protect her older sister, who is not quite what she seems to be. There is a beast in the castle and she knows no mercy. With secrets swirling around and lies being revealed, Zoey will have to choose which path she will take. Will she step into her role as the court assassin, or will she rebel?

Pandora’s Hell by Jennifer Pierce Gaeta

Enter a world where the supernatural races are the human race’s last hope. Hell has escaped its prison early and is devastating the human world. The humans are useless to help themselves and all worlds could be lost if the gates of Hell are not slammed shut. That’s where my team and I come in. I am Kira Gaetano and my team may be the world’s only hope for salvation. We fight the big bad nightmares and push demons back. We are racing against the clock to stop Hell from taking over the world. The only question I have is; “Can we do it?”

Angel’s Child, Devil’s Curse by Jennifer Pierce-Gaeta

Isabella was a normal girl until a mysterious stranger turned her world upside down. Now she had been plunged into a world that she never knew existed with expectations on her shoulders far heavier than any before. She thought she was human but now is beginning to wonder what exactly she is? Zach tells her she is only half a person. How can that be? Will she fight to save the world or will she falter under the weight of a world of magic?

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