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The Long Lost War

The Long Lost War by Jeff Walker


Far from Earth, in a distant solar system, clone soldiers are stuck in an on-going battle against colonial separatists. John 999801 must battle against an enemy that refuses to give up, and dreams of a woman he feels he's seen before. The life of this low ranking clone soldier is about to take a turn for the worst. Or is it going to open his eyes to the truth? Can one clone soldier make a difference? And who is the woman in his dream? Answers and horrors await him as he joins his fellow replicas to the surface of a planet called... Hell.

The Burning Fire Rises

The Burning Fire Rises by Jeff Walker


A paranormal thriller with elements of science fiction and supernatural fantasy! Welcome to the mysterious world of Professor Darkk and Miss Shadow.

FBI Special Agent John Mathers is investigating a strange crime scene in a forest near Flint, Michigan. A large crater has been discovered with the charred remains of a group of people. It appears to be a case of spontaneous combustion. That's when he encounters Professor Darkk and Miss Shadow, a couple with supernatural powers, who are also investigating the strange event. Who are they? Why are they interested in aiding him in unraveling this unexplainable enigma? John Mathers is suddenly pulled into inexplicable events and must confront terrifying creatures that seem to come straight from nightmares and from an unseen realm that overlaps with our world. Navigating a never-ending labyrinth of unfamiliar dangers and peculiarities, he is guided by Professor Darkk and Miss Shadow. Can he trust them? Are they equally evil and lethal as the one he's attempting to locate for all those who were burned? Do they have secrets of their own? The adventure starts as Special Agent Mathers joins with this mysterious pair, a teacher and his gorgeous student, as they explore the dark and deadly world that's trying to break into our reality.

This is Part One of their epic first full novel!

The Massive Planet: The Adventures Of Deep Contact

The Massive Planet: The Adventures Of Deep Contact by Jeff Walker

SPSFC 2022

Captain Christopher Riley and his brave crew of the Earth Core United spaceship, Deep Contact, set out for adventure beyond the solar system. Their mission is to traverse space and discover new worlds for colonization; They represent humanity seeking to expand, explore, and search for alien life in any form. Alone and in the uncharted wilderness of the cosmos, they try to survive and complete the mission on behalf of Earth Core United. Deep Contact almost collides with a massive planet appearing out of nowhere. A Jupiter-like world that popped right into its main flight path. The crew desperately try to figure out a way to break free of its gravity as it pulls them deeper inside. Even though the ship should have been crushed instantly the minute they came into its wake; It falls deeper into the atmosphere’s densely thick clouds, endangering them all to whatever doom awaits. Captain Riley and his crew must race to figure out how to escape this huge world before they crash into its core, but do they have time to solve this riddle? Or will this be their one and only mission of failure?

The Jungle Planet: A Science Fiction Thriller Novel

The Jungle Planet: A Science Fiction Thriller Novel by Jeff Walker

SPSFC 2023

The Jungle Planet is a sci fi triller—The crew of the harvesting space vessel Skyward Seven, are bound for Dreganon V—a jungle world with a rich, and highly concentrated oxygen atmosphere. As they extract the planet’s dense O2 supply, Katelan Driscoll (Astrobiologist/interplanetary botanist) and crew being to discover that this world is more than what they bargained for. Not only is the air thick with an overabundance of pollen and spore that continually clog their collectors., but strange things occur with the surrounding plant life The jungle isn’t all that it seems. Katelan will discover something else is waiting for them in the depths of this deep, dark jungle planet of Dreganon V. If you love exploration science fiction thrillers and unexpected horrors on alien worlds, then The Jungle Planet is the book you’ll want to read till the very end. Author Jeff Walker (The Long Lost War, The Massive Planet: The Adventures of Deep Contact, and Outer Red) takes you to a world full of beauty and wonder. It is also one that brings out our fears and even—our deaths!

The Mysterious World of Professor Darkk And Miss Shadow: The Short Story Collection Book #0

The Mysterious World of Professor Darkk And Miss Shadow: The Short Story Collection Book #0 by Jeff Walker

It is a secondary world that remains hidden in the depths of the shadows, where fears and nightmares become a reality, and evil shrouds itself to all. That is where you will find Professor Darkk and his faithful student, Miss Shadow. Two mysterious individuals with unique abilities.They are the ones protecting us and safeguarding society from the strange, the bizarre, and the unexplainable things that emerge from out of darkness. These are six short stories of their adventures; Confronting demonic creatures, stepping into a haunted house, uncover horrors hidden out of sight, and travel to destinations out of time and into space.Prepare to step into their domain and push back the evil trying to breech into our reality. And read the included preview chapter of the coming novel (Book #1) to see where the journey will continue next. Welcome to the mysterious world of Professor Darkk and Miss Shadow.

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