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More Than A Vampire: A More Than Human Novel (More Than Human Universe)

More Than A Vampire: A More Than Human Novel (More Than Human Universe) by J. R. Carrel

In the shadows of a hidden world… …the turned live forever. Was the peace between the four clans in danger? His job for 200-years was to hunt rogue vampires. Simon did it well. His clan depended upon him and keeping things in balance suited Simon. Everything changed in 1639. That’s when he met Lina. Lina was born to a traveling Merchant family. As a teenager in Alexandria, Egypt, she stopped a shoplifter. The shop owner offered to pay for her education. That’s how she became part of the world of vampires. She rose to political liaison. For her, Simon was a double-edged sword. Would they have to choose between love and loyalty? You’ll adore this story of forbidden love, because this hero’s journey just might last an eternity.

More Than A Gunslinger

More Than A Gunslinger by J.R. Carrel

The year is 1869 and the West is still wild. Izzy is the greatest sharpshooter on Earth. She's hell bent on tracking down a mysterious robber baron, who has been gobbling up the railroads. She will find out that there is more to this robber baron and the world around her than she could ever imagine. He will find out that she is...... More Than A Gunslinger.

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