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The Blackened Yonder: Planar Lost: Book One (Planar Lost [Special Edition]) by J. Gibson

โ€œThat day, he dreamt of blood. An ichor which threatened to swallow the world.โ€ As the government strangles magic across the Empire, the dead rise, ravenous and wild. At the center of this simmering conflict are two: one a priest, one a terrorist. Haunting visions and horrifying forces torment Father Latimer and challenge his convictions after a dark power sweeps through his village, leaving hovels and streets empty, save the undead. Meanwhile, Athenne joins a radical faction led by a powerful renegade wielding illegal magic, aimed at toppling the mightiest institution in the world, the Church. Embark on a journey in the land of the Lost. As fates converge, who will prevail?

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