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One Road In

One Road In by Hannah R. Palmer

'Some say, at night, you can see glowing eyes of fire between the trees, watching. Waiting...' Sadie’s younger brother Ben went missing 5 years ago. No one knows where he went. No one knows who, or what, took him. So explain the look of guilt on Sadie’s face when her mother called with the best news possible: Ben has come home. What does Sadie know about his disappearance? And what has her brother brought home with him? There’s something on the small island off the coast of Rose Bay, and its glowing amber eyes are making its presence known. Sadie needs to reconcile what happened all those years ago with where she finds herself now, before it has the chance to tear her family, and her hometown, apart again.

Number 47

Number 47 by Hannah R. Palmer

For her, he's everything. For him, she's nothing. What do you do when the person you love doesn't love you back? You fight for them. Love isn't meant to be easy and passion will not be ignored. But the real question is, how much do you fight? How far do you take it before love leans into obsession? For Sarah, there's no other option but to fight. Without him, her life's not worth living. She'll stop at nothing to finally have him by her side. Sarah wants nothing more than to start a family with him, to grow old with him, to fill the frames in her apartment with nothing but his face. She's studied every inch of him. Every one of his quirks. Every habit. And she'd rather die than not have him. Grab your copy of the debut thriller novel today!

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