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Tolagon by Gregory Benson

The Oro system, ravaged by generations of war and oppressively ruled by the hammer of a mechanical force created to save them, is at the boiling point between extinction and rebellion. Now a new hero arises twenty years after the fall of the legendary Tolagons. Raised in secrecy among noble equine warriors of Troika, Crix's tranquil life is shattered when a mysterious woman (Kerriah) crashes nearby in a black ship that materializes out of thin air. His journey begins after he gives in to an irresistible urge to locate the ship in the forbidden boglands of Drisal. Little does Crix know that using the hidden power within him—the blue orb of the Tolagons—to aid Kerriah’s rescue will set off a chain of events. The Marcks, a brutal mechanized force, are alerted and hot on their trail. As they struggle to escape the clutches of the relentless Marcks, Crix discovers there’s a hidden menace controlling everything. Their only hope of survival is to find the remaining lost orbs, though he soon realizes it will cost him everything. Joined by Krath, the salty war veteran from the watery moon of Thale, and a budding romance with Kerriah, will he learn to harness his long-suppressed power and become the Tolagon they desperately need, or will the forces of darkness prevail? Discover the gripping tale of hidden powers, treacherous alliances, and a young hero's quest for truth in Gregory Benson's thrilling debut novel, Tolagon. Brace yourself for an unforgettable adventure that will leave you hungry for more. Order your copy now and get ready to be riveted to your seat until the last page! Learn more about the different species and locations in this story!

The Queen Protocol

The Queen Protocol by Gregory Benson

They thought they were finally safe… How did they end up on Nathasia, a planet of horrors? A place haunted by the souls of billions murdered in war, its seas poisoned by toxins explicitly engineered to kill and mutate, infested with Thraxon breeding pits, and quarantined by the Marck fleet. Kerriah and her companions awaken with holes in their memories, and the young Tolagon is missing. However, there is a twist of fortune. The yellow orb, lost for decades and protected by the terrors of this world, is finally within their grasp. Now, the calculating Marck Queen, hidden away in an impenetrable fortress, unfolds her diabolical plot. Her order is clear: destroy all life within the Oro system. Crushing pressure, frozen death, and the sacrifice of heroes is the only path to defeat her. As she breaks from her protocol, the queen's protocol, the system falls into darkness. With the return of the Thraxons, bitter alliances have formed, and fate has opened its dark eyes. Learn more about the different species and locations in this story!

Song of the Laggorns

Song of the Laggorns by Gregory Benson

It was supposed to be a myth. A tale told to frighten and stir innate superstitions, but most never thought, Cyos, the living nebula, was real until now… Fear slowly grips a vulnerable UMO as their Marck protectors, under Crix’s control, randomly fail. Kerriah knows that the young Tolagon that stole her heart is dying alone in the Central Core, and she now has the support she needs to stage his rescue. But that’s far from her only concern. Plexo, her friend and mentor, has completed rebuilding the outer Gammac Corridor Zeta when he suddenly disappears. The UMO destroyer, the Mertel, sent to find him, has also vanished after passing through the newly reconstructed gateway. Their only clue is a distress call from Plexo's home world, Eesolan. What did they encounter on the other side? Now, an ominous cloud of cobalt and gold blazes across their skylines, and a dreaded storm of madness has settled upon the populations. There’s only one power that can reverse this threat. Can Kerriah locate the hidden gateway to Gabor and unlock the secrets of the Laggorns? With the citizens of the UMO tearing themselves apart, she has little time to stop the mythical darkness from consuming everyone and everything she knows. In this third and final installment of the Tolagon series, destinies collide, civilizations are lost, and realities twist. Prepare for a ride that will have readers fastening their seatbelts and holding on tight until the last page is turned. Learn more about the different species and locations in this story!

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