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All Who Wander Are Lost: Destination Horror Stories

All Who Wander Are Lost: Destination Horror Stories by Gemma Amor

ALL WHO WANDER ARE LOST. First Landing State Park. Antarctica. Mongolia. France. Norway. Ireland. Somerset. Egypt. A giant glacier in an unnamed land. What do all these places have in common? They’re the perfect place to set a horror story, is what. In this brand new collection of destination based tales of terror, Bram Stoker and British Fantasy Award nominated author Gemma Amor (The Folly, Full Immersion, Six Rooms, Dear Laura) takes us on a series of adventures through the weird and the wonderful, the strange and the unexplainable, across the remotest, wildest parts of this world, and through lands yet to be discovered. Expect dark and deranged encounters, beautiful vistas, old gods, ghosts, peculiar creatures, vampires, and that most terrifying of all monsters: mankind. Told strictly through the eyes of intrepid travellers (we are only ever visitors in this realm), you too can become an explorer without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. So come, join us on a voyage across lands both familiar and strange, and witness sights beyond your wildest imaginings in a book written for the the wanderers, the adventurers, the endlessly curious, the constantly dislocated, the restless and the sleepless, the speakers of many tongues or of none, the seers of many sights, the dreamers who follow their feet, pick stones from between their toes, taste salt on their tongue, feel dust blow hot and hard against their skin…. But remember, not all journeys have a happy ending. In fact, in this book, quite the opposite: for All Who Wander are often Lost…

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