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The hand that feeds by Frankie Sullivan

The Age of Industrialization launched humans into the modern era with the advent of new technologies. There was, however, an unfortunate side effect. Vampires, long pushed to the edges of myth and legend, obtained a degree of freedom and mobility never dreamt of before. With trains and steamer ships, they could travel the world without ever seeing the sun. Their numbers exploded, and it wasn't long before huge swaths of territory were under their control. One hundred and fifty years later, vampires have built a thriving society in the ruins of the United States. However, it is all about to come crashing down as famine looms on the horizon. A strange new disease has infected the human livestock and the one person with the answers is a lowly thrall, a human taken by vampires to be raised and one day turned, to become part of the new vampiric generation, whether she wants it or not.

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