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The Endless Forest

The Endless Forest by Ever Hobbes

Freyja's village is on the brink - pushed to the edge of the world by the trees. They grow so fast that if left untended for a week would be sprouting in every nook and cranny of her town. But worse than that is what lives within the cursed growth. Freyja is a nahvel - a knight protector tasked with defending her people from the horrible creatures that spill forth from the woods. She inherits a great treasure, and great burden - her sword, shield, and suit of armour. All of them are relics of the old magic, now long forgotten. So when something attacks from the shadows, being the only one with the means to do so, she is duty-bound to hunt it down. However, she soon finds out the forest holds much more than monsters. It harbours secrets that could change her perception of the world as she knows it. She is poised to discover them all, and more, when she enters... The Endless Forest.

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