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Remember the Stars: Book One in Tales of the Selyento by Eris Marriot

In a world of forbidden magic, two wolves fight for a lost soul. All Clarisse wants is to be free. Her life has been governed by abuse, control, and the Church of Light. Tired of ritual exorcisms and condemnations, she’s at the brink of exploding. Her power is a curse—the reason she can’t be free. Clarisse never asked to be in the center of a centuries-long battle between Terrence, a Reaper-wolf gone rogue, and Death, himself. If she has to spend one more minute under the controlling thumb of her parents and the Church of Light, she’ll die.In order to escape, she must choose a side: Death is convinced that mortals wielding power is a recipe for disaster and damnation. Terrence believes magic is a mortal’s key to freedom, enlightenment… maybe immortality. Will she follow the light of the stars? Or will she let herself fall into the grasp of the shadows?”

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