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Surrendered Twilight

Surrendered Twilight by Emma Flemming

In the past, created, rather than born, Dmitri is thrown through life and used by one person after another. Part of an organisation, hidden both from supernatural and humans, the werewolf follows orders, all while striving to be more than what he was made for. Happiness finally finds him when he’s not looking. But the fates have been rarely kind and it’s gone, before he ever really had it. In the present, all but a ghost in her own life, Kaylah Bannon drifts through existence with nothing to cling to. No real friends and no family to call her own. Just barely existing, until one late night fate lands her at the feet of the tall, dark and grumpy Mikhail, far from home and her life changed forever from a single bite. A werewolf and the Alpha to the Hawthorn pack, Mikhail is not happy to have Kaylah tossed into his relatively controlled life. And a turned human to boot? There hadn’t been one in years! Keeping her put is a challenge and training her is a pain, but when he starts to fall for her, that’s what frustrates him the most. The past and present are about to collide, with two different worlds aligning. Who will be standing when the dust clears…?

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