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Soulstealer by El McInerney


The high magic of The Wheel of Time combines with the gritty politics of A Game of Thrones in this thrilling epic fantasy series. Five centuries, three peoples, one war An endless feud between nations. Sorcerers who steal souls to feed their eternal life. A world so broken by magic that those who wield it are shunned and despised. Skilled young hunter Ina hides a deadly secret—she has the dark god’s powerful magic, blamed for the genocide of her people five centuries ago. If anyone finds out, they’ll execute her. When she learns that her lover’s daughter has the same magic, she must decide whether to reveal her secret to save the child. But her decision will determine not only the child’s fate but that of the whole world. Because the cycle of violence has begun again, and prophecy decrees she must be the one to end it. The alternative is the unraveling of all creation. Pre-order your copy of this unmissable epic fantasy adventure now!

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