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Necromancer Arising: Book One of The Asterisian Chronicles by Devon Salvin

"His power flooded into dead flesh, forcing it to move. The flesh remembered how to work, and as Lyre commanded, limbs obeyed. Back muscles contracted, the spine snapped straight. Lyre fed more and more power into his Risen and imparted but one order: to kill." Hated and feared for their magic, Necromancers have been hunted to extinction- or so it was believed. After ten years of isolation, Lyre Asterisian escapes an enchantment containing the ruin of his town and plunges into a plagued world on the verge of war. Lyre is forced to develop his unique powers and uses Necromancy in ingenious ways to survive. By steel, bone, and Risen flesh, Lyre defies death and, instead, strives to control it.

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