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Tobias by Denis James


"Please, Hunter. Don't do this. Come home..." Tobias Thornfield has been assigned by the Bellwater Mages to work undercover as a high school English teacher. At the end of a long day of teaching, his best friend Hunter attacks his school and his students on orders from the Arcane Rebellion, an organization that believes only they should have access to magic! Tobias must break his cover to save them, overpowering Hunter and taking his students to safety at Bellwater Academy, where they will learn magic and be recruited to join the Bellwater Mages. While his students are busy learning magic, Tobias turns his attention to finding his friend. Why did Hunter attack his students at his school? Why is he serving the Arcane Rebellion? Can Tobias ever forgive Hunter and get his best friend back? What will become of their friendship moving forward?

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