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Devils That Prey

Devils That Prey by David Washburn

Olivia Rose and her friends have just finished their first semester and are planning to raise a little hell on their college break, but have no idea just what hell is to be raised. Hungry for a good time, they provoke a group of locals and find themselves in a nightmare that doesn’t seem to ever let up. With their lives on the line this young group of friends fight to escape this hopeless situation while the locals sink their teeth into this sick game of cat and mouse. The only chance at survival is to meet violence with violence. The terror unfolding will have you reconsidering your drive through small-town America.

The Tickle Monster

The Tickle Monster by David Washburn

There is comfort in the wholesomeness of family. Pure joy to be cherished in the innocence of a child. …But what happens when a looming sense of dread has a death-grip on a child’s mind? Teddy is ‘only a boy’ but there is a rebellious fire in his belly that urges him to forge his own path as a man. With much to learn, his father does his best to teach him about being a man and respecting family traditions while appreciating the mundane. After Teddy’s father tells him not to go into the woods, in what was meant to be a teachable moment, Teddy is soon faced with a choice that sees him in the very place where he shouldn’t be. Teddy encounters something that he cannot make sense of that will haunt him in the coming days. This tale of colonial era horror proves that a child’s imagination isn’t always a safe place.

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