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Persephone Enlightened: A Tale of Darker Seattle - Volume 1 of 4 (Persephone - A Tale of Darker Seattle) by D.L Solum

In a magical and darker Seattle, the d'Armor sisters are experts in their respective worlds. Jo is a decorated US Navy helicopter pilot and world-class martial artist. Angela is a professional fortune teller and kitchen witch, leading a coven from their ancestral home. And the youngest, Sasha d'Armor? She's been missing for over a decade. With newfound information on her whereabouts, the elder siblings must join forces with Wydd, Angela's wild-minded and unpredictable boyfriend, to rescue their baby sister. Jo and Angela have always been the most competent people in the room. That's all changing as they pit themselves against the dark underbelly of the city. They're finding the competition isn't necessarily human. Join the sisters as their skills and passions are tested to the breaking point. In the hidden war for the soul of Seattle, will they save Sasha from a fate no one expected?

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