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Misericorde (Mercy Series Book 1)

Misericorde (Mercy Series Book 1) by Cynthia A. Morgan

Independent Author Network 2020 Book of the Year Winner for Fantasy!|Readers Favorite 2020 Silver Medal Winner for Fantasy!It's the year 2446, and the first three Horsemen of Revelation's Apocalypsehave ridden. Pestilence, War and Famine have changed the world into adictatorship ruled with an iron fist. Commoners have few rights, andliberty is a distant memory. Before thefinal Horseman is released, the Archangel of Mercy - Tzadkiel - makes abold plea, asking for permission to find even one human who remembersthe meaning of mercy and compassion. He is given 100 years, until Deathwill sweep across the land. Taking humanform and coming to Earth, he finds a place ruled by greed, hatred andfear. With time running out and Death growing impatient, can Tzadkielfind what he's looking for, and how much will he need to sacrifice?

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