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Running with the Elves

Running with the Elves by Charles G. Stuart

In the distant past, a young man strikes up a relationship with some of the world's few remaining Elves, becomes involved in various adventures with them and eventually falls in love.

The Elf-Witch of Bazzleboo (Running with the Elves Book 2)

The Elf-Witch of Bazzleboo (Running with the Elves Book 2) by Charles G. Stuart

This sequel to "Running With The Elves" takes the reader to darker and deeper places than its predecessor as four of the original characters return for an encore and travel to the coastal town of Bazzleboo. What awaits them there questions their own sense of reality and even their sanity as they fight to unravel a mysterious dark force that holds the local residents in its evil grip. This thought provoking book delves into a thicket of subjects such as religion, philosophy and addiction which the reader must untangle and resolve to his or her own satisfaction. Definitely not a book for young children or the weak minded.

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