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Truth of Crowns

Truth of Crowns by Carl D. Albert


“Secrets, secrets are so fun. Secrets, secrets – cut my tongue.” In a land where magick is heresy and ancient forces manipulate human whims, secrets will tear a fragile peace asunder. Four people stand at the heart of this burgeoning war. An unproven prince who married a woman forbidden to him. A sickly boy with a connection to an eldritch beast. An outcast knight who hides the infidelity of her liege lady. And a traitorous duke caught between the contradictions of his ideals. Two will die. Two will rise. And the Age of Terkir will march toward its end. Truth of Crowns is the tragic first installment in The Ash Eternal series, an epic fantasy rife with blood-soaked politics, arcane mysteries, and the human heart at conflict with itself.

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