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Akiri: Sands of Darkness

Akiri: Sands of Darkness by Brian D. Anderson & Steven Savile


Across the perilous expanse of the Great Valharoth Desert, Akiri and Kyra have journeyed seeking fortune among the rich and mysterious kingdoms of the East. He has turned his back on the gods and their schemes and is determined to create his own destiny. But the gods will not be so easily ignored. And once again, Akiri finds himself caught in their web. In the kingdom of Yagash, an ancient evil has spread over the land like a plague. The Cult of Hajazar, at the command of its dark leader, are seizing the innocent for their blood sacrifices. Now they have set their sights on a young lord whom Akiri has vowed to protect. But there is more at stake than the life of one child. Should Akiri fail, it will herald the return of the old gods…and the end of the world. With naught but his steel and his wits as his ally – and Kyra, of course – Akiri will face an enemy of such colossal power and cunning that the heart of the fiercest warrior would be tested to the full. But he is Akiri. His will is iron. And his courage will never fade.

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