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The Good Pharmacist's Deadly Secrets (A Findale Fae Mystery) by Belinda M Gordon

A Fae in hiding. A discarded backpack. A pharmacist murdered. Escaping the notoriety she'd acquired in The Otherworld,Sloan Murray packed up her loyal cocker spaniel Max and left her fellow fae to settle in the small town of Findale.Sloan thought her new life in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania would change for the better, become quieter, less unpredictable--if only a small group of fae hadn't followed her into this new world. Still,Sloan's enjoying her relative anonymity untilshe attempts to return alost backpack and ends up accused of murder. Suddenly, not only do half the town think they know who she is, they're under the misconception she's a dangerous killer. Will Sloan and her fae friends unravel the dead pharmacist's secrets before the obstinate Det. Moody arrests her for murder? Time is ticking, and if Sloan can't find the real murderer soon, not only will she lose what's left of her magical anonymity, she will lose her freedom forever. The Good Pharmacist's Deadly Secrets is a cozy who-done-it with a little something for everyone--humor, mystery, fae, and even a lovable dog! Read less

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