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Duality (The Duality Series Book 1)

Duality (The Duality Series Book 1) by Becca Fogg

Jex thought she was an average, post-college girl—until she crippled a drunk and nearly incinerated a gas station. When her elemental powers manifest, she’s torn from her placid life and shoved into the war between good and evil. Forced to rely on new allies, including the sweetheart Captain of the Guards and her alphahole Valen, Jex must come to terms with her newfound ability before her enemies succeed in capturing her. —Praise for Duality— ★"I loved this book. I loved the witty banter, the sayings, the hidden clues, and the many little twists that were throughout the plotline."—Goodreads Reviewer (ARC) ★"Finished this book in one go ... it was that good."—Goodreads Reviewer ★"I don't know what drugs, or witchcraft, or messing with the time continuum the author has done to this book, but if you don't mind losing a night of sleep and you're into contemporary fantasy romance, go read Duality."—TikTok Reviewer (ARC) ★"This. Was. Incredible. I'm obsessed and completely invested in these characters and this story."—Early Reader ★"Five hottest words ever spoken: go sit in the chair."—TikTok Reader (ARC) ★"Honestly this book is in my top 5 favorite books of 2021! The sass of the characters had me smiling and laughing. And the spice! This book got me out of a reading slump. It was definitely a book that I couldn’t put down."—Goodreads Reviewer (ARC) ★"Refreshing and new the characters were well written and the plot well thought. It really sucked me into its pages and it made want to read more and more and more!" —Goodreads Reviewer —Want to Know More?— I am made of extremes. Normalcy was key, before. I’d have a normal life, with a normal job, and a normal white-picket fence. That was before I crippled a drunk and torched a gas station. As it turns out, normalcy lives in the average gray, but I do not. Instead, I am made of extremes. Of fire and water. Of light over darkness. Of good over evil. Well, mostly good over evil, apparently. Now I have no choice but to embrace the not-normal before my world comes crashing down a second time—to piece myself back together with the family I found when I needed it, with the support of two men dragging me (kicking and screaming) to my full capability. But the bad guys are coming, and they’re coming for me. He’s coming for me. Ain’t that some shit. NOTE: Duality is book one of four, and ends in a cliffhanger. Make sure to read to the end for extra content! TW: The Duality Series is an 18+ fantasy romance why-choose/RH series. If you like unique magic systems, sword fights and action sequences, sassy heroines, and bonfire-hot spice, then this book is for you. Book One contains explicit sex and violence, and cheating as a tangential part of the story (not among the main characters). This book is not suitable for all ages and palates. If that is not for you, please do not buy this book. Detailed trope tags can be found on the author's website.

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