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Of Blood & Stone

Of Blood & Stone by B.A. Turner


A gargoyle story unlike any other … A hero we don’t deserve but desperately need. History would lead us to believe that the citizens of Detroit should turn to the police to save them, when in reality they should be looking to the sky. When a distraught Slade Allen saves the life of Rachel Winston in exchange for his own, he doesn’t expect to wake up metaphysically bound to a divine grimoire or to have the power of one of the world’s most feared supernatural creatures waiting to be unleashed. Human by day, gargoyle by night, Slade pulls at the strings of Detroit’s corruption, slowly unravelling a nazi era secret. Such a discovery spurs the formation of a team of vigilantes determined to crush the megalomaniac behind the city’s undoing. Under the alias Dreadnight, Slade and his team battle augmented mercenaries, a corrupt police force, and media deception in order to save the city before it’s too late. Filled with supernatural and biblical lore, “Of Blood & Stone” provides a high octane yet emotional story of vengeance and redemption.


Destroyer by Brian G Turner


Hugh Howey's SPSFC semi-finals winner: "A solid piece of space opera. The confines of a spaceship made for a tense setting, and the strong characterisation and well-handled plot twists made this a winner for our judges." Jaigar expected to wake up after thirty years to start building a new world in another star system. Instead, he finds himself one of a handful of survivors on an abandoned colony ship. With no food or water, and only emergency power, his first challenge is to keep everyone alive. The next is to try and solve the mystery of their situation, by figuring out what happened to the original crew and other colonists. But Jaigar will find survival more difficult than he expects, especially when each of the other survivors has a secret that could help him - or kill him.

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