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A Bad Rune at Angels Deep by Anthony Lowe

"I'm not a god. I'm just mean like one." Runes: a form of deployable magick that caused untold devastation during the war. With the stroke of a pen, entire cities were demolished, entire armies decimated—and now one such rune may have come south to Ariasun County. Acting on scant clues left behind by the vicious lynching of a smuggler, Evaline Cartwright and Trivan Esterhazy head north to track the rune’s passage through the county. All in the hope of destroying the rune—or its possessor—before it can be used for catastrophic ends. A Bad Rune at Angels Deep is the next entry in The Shattered Frontier series, which features a Tolkien-esque fantasy world that has advanced into an age of steam, gunslingers and gold rushes. Follow Evaline and Trivan in their adventures across one of the most hostile counties in the land, replete with scoundrels of all shapes, sizes, and magickal ability.

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