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The Heart of the Phoenix: A Dark Urban Fantasy Book by Annalee Adams

Nothing survives the fire… …Or so they thought. She was born in an ember of flames. Raised as a mortal with no memory. Chosen to fight for humanity, risking everything against a supernatural force. She saw him as she fell. Julia knew he wasn’t human. He held her to his chest. Bloodied and torn. Kissed away her tears, and soothed away the nightmares. For Julia Jones isn’t your ordinary human. She has a secret. A secret even she doesn’t know. But as the city turns dark. A bright light must shine amongst the shadows. She must endure the night and finally end the threat. Wrapped up in a world of supernatural chaos, can she survive and end the war before it begins? The Heart of the Phoenix: Resurgence. Book 1. The Beginning of the End.

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