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Beyond Human by Angel Martin

We have integrated science and technology into all levels of our daily lives. But imagine if this continued technological innovation took us into a world of cybernetics and a post-human universe where nothing is familiar. This collection of science fiction short stories dares to take that step towards redefining the concept of what we call humanity, just as the earliest pioneers of sci-fi have always done. As we become more and more dependent on science and technology – from prosthetics to mobile phones – biology and technological innovation come closer to being merged into cybernetics. Can we truly say now that we don't live in a post-human universe? At what point do we delineate between human and post human? Each of the science fiction short stories in 'Beyond Human' deals with characters whose lives have been twisted by the new era of technology.

Broken Angel: The Lost Years of Gabriel Martiniere by Joyce Reynolds-Ward


Exiled heir. Rebel. Husband. Father. In 2029, Gabriel Martiniere testified against the Martiniere Group's forced imposition of mind control programming on unwilling indentured workers. For his pains, he was forced into exile for over thirty years. Forced to divorce the love of his life. But he's still coming. Still bent on vengeance against the man who forced him into exile, Philip Martiniere. Gabe will win...or die trying.

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