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Deathless Beast

Deathless Beast by Andrew D Meredith


Fates intertwine - Pantheon calls - Darkness Grows Far too many blame their own bad luck on Hanen and Rallia Clouw. When opportunity knocks, they leap to put their past behind them. In the turmoil of a holy order fraught with lies, frustration, and heresy, the paladin Jined Brazstein is called to deeper faith. When Katiam takes up a seemingly ageless seed pod from a botanist's desk, she cannot imagine the change it will bring. Life stirs within that seed, the path to deeper faith beckons, profits are made upon the road, darkness moves-a winged, deathless wrath invisible to the gods. For those who seek the heroes path, Fate takes more than bargained for. Hubris breeds a deathless wrath, That always hungers after more. Deathless Beast is Volume One of the Kallattian Saga, the Epic Fantasy series from Andrew D Meredith.

Quaint Creatures: Magical & Mundane

Quaint Creatures: Magical & Mundane by Andrew D Meredith


When a city councilor comes into Quaint Creatures and asks veterinary doctor Norrik Softstep to investigate the magical crate confiscated by his customs agency, the entire staff of Quaint Creatures will need all their skills and knowledge to unravel the troubles threatening the relatively peaceful city of Brightfall. From liches seeking city approval for their public adventurer dungeon, to strange goings on at the pet food factory, no problem is too magical nor mundane for Rik and his friends.

Bonds of Promise

Bonds of Promise by Andrew D. Meredith

All are bound by oaths of pantheon —mortals, saints, and deity. For it is by those promises made, The world of Kallattai is chained and set free. Hanen and Rallia Clouw—enterprising mercenaries, caring siblings, and children of a luckless man—only wish to find their place in the world and make an easy coin. Yet too many blame their own bad luck on the Clouws, and everything they have worked for begins to crumble around them. When the man who introduced them to their path rolls into town with an easy opportunity to make them all wealthy and influential, they leap at the chance to hit the road, and put their past behind them once more. Fate has other plans. And the responsibilities they leave to others must be answered for. Bonds of Promise is Book One in the sprawling epic fantasy series the Kallattian Cycle by Andrew D Meredith—a story of gods, their chosen champions, and dark figures bent on freeing the mortal realms from a fate established by greater beings. All would-be heroes must give their lives, or be made folly. Example to those who’ve still to come, Through doomed cycle, Or fated legacy.

Fleeting Word

Fleeting Word by Andrew D Meredith


War ends. Secrets hide. Faith beckons Nethendel Unteel is comfortable in his life at the father monastery of Pariantur. But when the long-raging Protectorate Wars suddenly end, and life threatens to return to normal, Nethendel learns of a woman the dark gods wish to bind to their schemes. He must decide what to do with the secrets he uncovers. Fleeting Word is a Kallattian Legacy novella, and acts as both the Prelude to the Kallattian Saga and Postlude to the Protectorate Wars by Andrew D Meredith.

Bone Shroud

Bone Shroud by Andrew D. Meredith

Secrets deepen — Prophecies doom — Shadows grow The errors of yesterday continue to haunt Hanen and Rallia Clouw, though deeper secrets from their past reveal an even darker future. A rift in the order of the paladins threatens to tear wide open, and Jined Brazstein is all that stands in the gap. A dark prophecy wilts the sisterhood, as Katiam Borreau is cast away to a land beyond the edge of any dream. The blind monk Seriah Yaledít has never feared death, until she becomes sole witness to a ghastly murder. While darkness stirs, nightmares become flesh, heretical schism looms, and contracts bind souls, an unseen figure walks in shadow wearing a cloak formed of countless bone made from his victims.


Thrice by Andrew D Meredith


"Steeped in a wealth of brooding Slavic folklore, Thrice is a deeply personal story of a reluctant father and the mysterious child in his care. It beautifully weaves a tale of personal survival with a much grander narrative of ill-fated bargains and dangerous magic of the past to tell a story that's both intimate and epic." — Graham McNeill, New York Times Bestselling Author of A Thousand Sons Forced out on the road with the boy left in his care, Jovan determines to journey into the cave of the bear—to seek out those that would do him and his boy harm. It is the boy and his bottomless well of soul-searing magic that they seek. They would do anything to exploit it. And Jovan would do anything to stop them. Thrice is the first book in the Needle and Leaf series.

Gloves of Eons

Gloves of Eons by Andrew D. Meredith

Factions rise - Zeal ignites - Bells toll Hanen and Rallia Clouw find themselves between power-hungry factions, forced to choose which tools to take up to reach their goals. With the Rotha revealed to be a thinking, breathing being, Katiam Borreau must tread carefully and pick her allies wisely. Ousted from their western holdings, the Paladins of the Hammer retreat to the west to face new and old intrigue set against them. Made the unwitting messenger of dark gods, Seriah YaledĂ­t seeks solace in the road, fleeing from the blind panic gnawing at her mind. Dark tools forged, scale-weights measured, cities made pawns of those in power, and the secrets of heresies long past come fully into the light to cast their dark shadows on everything.

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