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Daughter Dusk (The Myrk Maiden Trilogy)

Daughter Dusk (The Myrk Maiden Trilogy) by Alyssa Charpentier

The journey of identity continues. Twilight has escaped from the clutches of the Shadows, but her freedom is far from won. Now, she and her loved ones must prepare for war against the dark sorcerers who plot to destroy the world and all the light it contains. Twilight struggles to leave her Myrk Maiden identity behind her as she is faced with countless attacks on her psyche and the tentative new faith she clings to, growing increasingly concerned about the fate of the world and her place amidst the chaos. Her father, the new Shadow leader, wants her dead—or worse, alive. Her friends have staggering expectations for her. And the Myrk God is not content with the loss of his daughter of darkness… As conspiracies unravel and world leaders choose their alliances, Twilight must gather an army to withstand the scheming of political powers and the powers of darkness as she finds herself torn between terror, unbelief, and the promises of the light, should she choose to accept them.

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