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The Mark for Those Unbound: The Witches of Wyldeden Chronicles by Alex Clifford

TRUTH HAS A KEY KEEPER The Kinner will never die. It was meant to be a blessing. Now it's a curse. Alone on the other side of the wards, Cinn is keenly aware of the drawbacks of immortality. They haunt his past, plague his dreams, and darken his future. Desperate for hope, Cinn braves a new world on a stranger's promise: Moyra Thorne has the answers. But finding her seems impossible, and getting her to share them even more so. With danger chasing his friends and family back in Nir, there isn't time to waste.

The Mark of Things Unwanted (The Witches of Wyldeden Chronicles Book 1) by Alex Clifford

SURRENDER YOUR HEART to this fresh, new-adult, queer fantasy series. Full of magic, 'The Mark of Things Unwanted' gives you found family and gentle romance all while taking you on a spellbinding adventure. Cinn will never die. It should have made him powerful. It didn't. On the run, hunted by a cruel princess and chased by beasts that want to feast on him for eternity, Cinn would do anything to be safe. Including allying himself with a band of dangerous witches. Like Eaon. Touched by a death that lingers on his skin, Eaon is slowly losing himself to the dark power within. In the depths of a whispering forest, a family is forged and—together—they will change the world.

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