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Shsskish: A Novelette

Shsskish: A Novelette by Alana K. Drex

Winslow doesn’t appear on any maps. It lies down a certain cemetery road, hidden past a grove of trees. But that doesn’t stop Tarah and Nathan from finding it one fateful spring day in 2006—an unfortunate pitstop on the way to their new life. Yet, nature’s song sings sweetly here, and the quaint atmosphere and sights seem to speak to a simpler time. But what the couple can’t see is the struggle and strife its townies endure in maintaining this time capsule of a town. And while they never asked to find out any of those finer details, they are set on a collision course, rocketing toward something that could prove to be as deadly as it is dark.

Sleeping Celeste

Sleeping Celeste by Alana K. Drex

It is October 1885, and Marie Maecott seems to be the only one who knows what has happened to her daughter, Celeste. She is angry that no one else understands her daughter's condition, as any mother would be. Then one chill night, groundskeeper for Heathridge Cemetery, Jacob Willis, tells her a dark secret in his family's past that just may hold the key to her problem. Marie will need to set off on a journey to find out--one in which she will discover terrible parts of herself--parts that would have been better off left buried. And some are going to find out the truth of the timeless adage: it is best not to come between a mother and her child.

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