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Hooded by A. A. Woods


Hated. Hunted. Hooded. In a land of myths and monsters, 17-year-old Carlette is a slave. Her power of enhabitation, the ability to control animals, makes her useful to the island’s colonial rulers. Convinced she’s on the right side, she spends her life doing their bidding, awaiting the day she gets to leave it all behind and fulfill her purpose in their war across the sea. But when an escaped spy forces her to leave the safety of the road, Carlette is plunged into the wilderness with a handsome enemy by her side, rebels at her back, and only her wits to guide her. Among the giant trees of the magical forest, Carlette will begin to realize her world is much more complicated than she’s been led to believe. Will she learn to see through the lies she was raised on? Will she have the courage to choose heart over duty? And will she do it fast enough to save everyone she loves? For fans of Princess Mononoke and Six of Crows, this dark fantasy is Little Red Riding Hood as you’ve never seen it before.

Scarlett and the Dark Woods

Scarlett and the Dark Woods by Mary Mecham

She is one of the protected elect. He is a shunned shapeshifter. Can Scarlett rescue her grandmother before her own heart is stolen? When her grandmother is cast out as unworthy after facing Hamelin’s annual Shunning, Scarlett knows she must brave the dangers of Darkwood Forest if she’s to have any chance of saving her. Her perilous adventure becomes a race against time; she needs to find Gran before the previously shunned get to her first. Scarlett’s efforts come too late. As her magic dwindles the farther into the forest she ventures, she becomes hopelessly lost and is forced to accept help from Greyson, the shapeshifting wolf who is stalking her every footstep—and who Scarlett suspects of knowing Gran’s location. If she manages to save her grandmother, Scarlett will be faced with an impossible choice: join Gran and live her life as an outcast or return to the rest of the elect, safe but alone. As she struggles to find the right path forward, Scarlett realizes that more than her grandmother’s future is at stake. Her heart is too. Can Scarlett resist her inexplicable attraction to the shunned wolf she despises long enough to protect the woman who raised her?

The Horror at Camp New Woods

The Horror at Camp New Woods by Aurora Dimitre


JUNE 2004 For Elliot Roth, having to go to summer camp means spending one less month with his less-than-emotionally-invested father, so really--he's all for it. And at first, camp seems fine. He likes the guys in his cabin, he likes his counselor, and being outside for four weeks shouldn't be bad. But then he finds an abandoned cabin in the woods, and a kid nearly drowns in the lake. Elliot initially brushes off his suspicions as a result of listening too much to Nick, the resident horror movie expert at Camp New Woods, but when someone shows up dead, he has to admit--something's going on here. The only question is whether he and his cabinmates can make it out alive.

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