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FRACTURED: Where Science Fiction meets Fantasy for an Epic Transformational Journey (The Sleeping Phoenix Book 1) by ishKiia Paige

Fractured is ishKiia Paige's debut novel of The Sleeping Phoenix Series. It is Part I of a transformational journey in a large, in-depth, science fiction fantasy epic series. Zreyas Rittak is second in line to be Emperor of the Janquar Nation. He harbors a weakness for his brother, and he will do anything to ascend to the throne in order to protect him. But his universe crumbles and all his plans are derailed when an anomaly helps the Dark One escape from his once-hidden dimensional prison. Chaos ensues when fractures crack the skies. Zreyas takes extreme measures to protect his brother and ends up being hunted by his own people. Can he adapt to his new circumstances and protect his brother from the Dark One? Will his primitive weapons and skills be enough in a world of advanced technology he isn’t accustomed to?

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