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Princess Cayce Is Still My Name: the spring campaign

Princess Cayce Is Still My Name: the spring campaign by P D Ball

There’s a lot wrong with the world I find myself in. The earls are angry about the knighthood, worried about my blood-ties to a foreign power, and likely working behind my back to take the kingdom for themselves. The suitors ever vying for my attention, my hand in marriage. The crazy behavior of the foxes and ravens and crows who seek me out just to bow. And the coming war. All these I could handle, well almost handle, but for the raging magic inside me. Powerful, angry, wanting out. And I feel it. Want to release it! Yet using magic would not only guarantee that the mages would hunt me down, it would endanger everyone around me. And I just couldn’t let that happen. But when did this world give me a choice?

My Name Is Princess Cayce: unwelcome attention

My Name Is Princess Cayce: unwelcome attention by P D Ball

Firmly in control of Bechalle’s castle and duchy, autumn and winter looked to be safe and secure, time to recoup and recover. To train hard, introduce new weapons technology, to strengthen my army. Yet the upcoming coronation brought trouble and danger. The powerful Laemacian emperor to the northeast demanding I marry him, or he’ll conquer my lands. The mighty Barclay church, whose Father Inquisitor I killed, demanding a harsh penance. My own earls, enraged that a girl leads the kingdom, working behind my back to rid themselves of me. Worse, if you’re me, suitors from all over the kingdom began arriving, making their case for marriage. Because of Brin, that meant wearing hated dresses and make-up and being a cute girl princess to grumpily receive them. On top of all this, uncontrollable magic growing inside me threatened my very existence and everyone around me. If I told the mages, they’d kill me. If I confessed to my friends, they’d likewise face death. Nowhere to go, no one to confide in, no help coming. This was my life now. --- It’s been so long that Princess Cayce is close to letting the game theory go. And that means surviving in this world, relying on her army. But changing the kingdom through new technologies might not be the solution Cayce thinks it is. Rather, court intrigue and politics opens up a new world of deadly realpolitik – one that she only slowly realizes she’s living in.

They Still Call Me Princess Cayce: through the smoke and into the fire

They Still Call Me Princess Cayce: through the smoke and into the fire by P D Ball

Escaping from the dowager and traitor Barclay was supposed to be a breath of fresh air, perhaps an end to the game I might be trapped in. But instead of waking up to a save and exit screen, I woke to a desperate military packing up its camp. The enemy army was racing to catch us at the next chokepoint. And we had to beat them or be cut off from safety. Yet was it safety we were rushing to? Our only hope lay in reaching the last duchy of the kingdom. But everyone had been warning me of Duke Bechalle, the deranged tyrant, a dangerous man – and now in the hopes that our combined armies could defend the kingdom, people were telling me I should marry the guy! --- Princess Cayce continues exploring this new world, its foods and customs, training in weapons and riding, while trying to avoid the limitations of being a cute girl princess. Meanwhile, her new mistress of the bedroom has other plans. Plans that include ballroom gowns, make-up and perfume, and setting Cayce up with the duke, a man whose best interests might be served better by Cayce’s funeral than her marriage.

The Echoes of Ashlington

The Echoes of Ashlington by Rowan MacKemsley

Ashlington Manor has a protector. Two hundred years after his death he needs help to find the man he loved. 2015 ‘There has been a Durand in Ashlington for hundreds of years,’ was something Lillian had heard all her life. A life now spent in London with the career, fiancĂ©, and success she had always wanted. When forced to return to her ancestral Cotswold home, a chilling presence with a desperate message leads her to believe she is not the only Durand left walking the halls of Ashlington Manor. 1807 Henry escapes his father’s expectations by taking a commission in the British Army where he meets Robert Westbrook. Standing shoulder to shoulder through the Peninsula War, not only fighting the French but each other’s demons, their bond grows into something deeper. But it is going home to Ashlington that Henry dreads. Home where disaster waits. Lillian enlists the help of childhood friend Nick Hawkins to unravel Henry’s story, discovering much of what they had been told of Lillian’s heroic ancestor was a lie. Can past and present find a way to work together so that they might all settle their grief, find love once lost, and learn what it truly means to be home, or will Ashlington be lost forever?

A Place to Land

A Place to Land by Rosalie Fox

The sequel to A Tale of Wild Geese, A Place to Land picks up Johnny Reilly’s story in Africa at the end of 1944. World War Two had left all of them with scars, not all of them visible, and it wasn't over yet. At night the Focke-Wulf still hunted him and the people he loved. When his career as a fighter pilot had ended, Johnny Reilly had come to Africa to make peace with his beloved cousin, to bring her husband home to her. He hadn't meant to stay, but the lovely Louise Viljoen had changed that when she kissed him in front of the hotel... Lou was the only girl who had him off guard and kept him that way. Somehow she knew how to help him through the nightmares. But he'd never had sense, then, had he? So he made more mistakes and then he was going to be father. He was a penniless, broken-down pilot and somehow he had to find a way to build a life for them, and he had to do it quickly. To do that, he needed a plane and when he learned of a man in Southwest Africa who could help him, he ventured to a little town called Kolmanskop to meet the Little Bird of the Namib Desert. It was another venture that went south, badly, and Johnny is forced to face the past, the things haunting him, and a man who had been an enemy. Suddenly the mission is no more to find a plane, but to survive and pray that the people he loves will come search for them, find them before it's too late. It's a story of love, brotherhood, adventure and one man's quest to find a place to land and a way to put his demons to rest.

A Tale of Wild Geese

A Tale of Wild Geese by Rosalie Fox

The year was 1940 and the skies above Britain were about to become a war zone. Eleanor Davies was a 19-year-old barmaid in the Lark. Her cousin, Johnny Reilly, had been bringing her things he thought she would like for as long as she could remember. He'd bring her a flower or a seashell that caught his eye. One day, he brought her a young American pilot and all their lives changed forever. When Danny walked through The Lark's door, the world as she'd known it shifted; it would never be the same again. Danny O'Neal wasn't supposed to be in the RAF, it violated his country's neutrality agreements. He also wasn't supposed to be falling in love. His whole life had been a war for survival. He had come to England in the hope that he could leave his past behind and build a life for himself. Meeting a girl hadn't been part of his plans. This is a tale of Wild Geese blowing before the winds of war, coming of age and falling in love, building something worthwhile in the midst of the greatest conflict the world has ever known. It tells the story of dreaming of white roses, a porch and skies at peace, while the world falls apart around them. It's an epic tale of 'The Few' who defended the skies and the Women's Land Army that kept agriculture going. Above all, it's a love story that spans across continents. The love story that left all of them changed forever.

Dust of Wrathful Years

Dust of Wrathful Years by Klara Ɓuczka-Hanzalovå

 Childhood is cut short by the outbreak of war. After a short-lived era of renaissance, Poland is once again being torn to pieces. The endless struggle for freedom returns. Aniela, Jadzia and Kamil were simply adolescents growing up in a promising age of renewal. Part of a generation born with their homeland’s independence, they were to discover Poland as a free and thriving country
 Only to later discover death and destruction. In the face of terror imposed by the German invasion, they take up arms to fight. The young scouts become bold soldiers, determined to defend righteousness against the all-encompassing and merciless evil. Dust of Wrathful Years is the first part of a trilogy following the trials and tribulations of the Polish resistance during WWII. Time to (re)discover this era through the unique perspective of youth in the scouting movement. After their lives are shattered, they must not only defend their country but also rebuild the ruins of their hearts.

The Lighthouse in the Sky

The Lighthouse in the Sky by B.Y. Yan


An Alternate History Epic. “Firefly meets Inglorious Basterds in 1930s China.” 1936. China. A whole new frontier exists in the war-torn Orient, and the crew of the Sky-Fortress class heavy bomber Goosefare will take any job to make their fortunes. From Constantinople, Capt. Mossfar de Crossfer Rain is coerced to train aviators in the Middle Kingdom. However, things take a complicated turn when he and his merry band accidentally kidnap the Chinese President, and find themselves on the run from Imperial assassins. A chance foray into the Devil’s Sea leads to a haunting vision that their version of the 1900s is but one of infinite possibilities, with nothing set in stone. But if all history is a canvas upon which anything is possible to change, then there are others with more sinister designs on such world-altering technologies. The Empire of Japan will stop at nothing to get their hands on the strange aircraft and its reality hopping ability, in order to enact a daring, full-fledged invasion at Pearl Harbor...

If I Lie in a Combat Zone

If I Lie in a Combat Zone by Will Tinkham

Ordered to inspect a suspected Viet Cong tunnel in November of 1968, Private Walt Whitman von Funck crawls inside and falls in love. And rips a hole in his foot. IF I LIE IN A COMBAT ZONE finds Zow spending eight months nursing him back to health, while her brother and grandfather conduct midnight raids and accumulate prisoners, including a general. During his convalescence, Walt and Zow wed; theirs is a love story that defies race, religion and military red tape. Upon his return to Chu Lai Air Base with his pregnant wife and six prisoners, Stars and Stripes declares Walt a hero. Awards follow. And plans for a Medal of Honor ceremony with President Nixon. Till a U.S. Army doctor declares the foot wound to be self-inflicted. Hailed, then jailed—repeatedly—Walt becomes a favorite of the anti-war crowd and a thorn in Nixon's side. Walt accepts offers to speak on college campuses. Protests involving gunfire and bombings become routine. It's almost as if they are targeting him.

I am Mrs. Jesse James

I am Mrs. Jesse James by Pat Wahler

She captured his heart, but at what price? The long, bloody Civil War is finally at an end when Zee Mimms, the daughter of a Missouri preacher, is tasked with nursing her cousin, Jesse James, back to health after he suffers a near-fatal wound. During Jesse's long convalescence, the couple falls in love, but Jesse's resentment against the Federals runs deep. He has scores to settle. For him, the war will never be over. Zee is torn between deferring to her parents' wishes and marrying for security or marrying for love and accepting the hard realities of life with an outlaw--living under an assumed name and forever on the run. For her, the choice she makes means the war is only beginning. Discover why readers describe this richly imagined story of the woman who wed Jesse James as powerful, compelling, and emotional.

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