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Springtide Harvest by J.D. Mitchell


Haskell wants to be a legend, a hero like his grandfather who broke the orcish hordes. Froba just wants to survive. She knows what Haskell doesn't: that the deck is stacked against them, and there are no heroes in the world. After assembling a band of misfits, Haskell must face a labyrinthine dungeon, an exploitative, monster-hunting guild, and his own failings, while Froba must decide where her loyalties lie—with her naïve mark or corrupt master. If traitors and woodland monsters don’t murder them first.

A Crown of Cobwebs by J. Darris Mitchell

Do you take this dragon...? A halfling hooked on magic, a golem with a heart of gold, and a Gatekeeper’s thrall crash their best friend Adrianna’s wedding. She’s a spider princess being forced to marry a dragon. And if being married off for a floating castle wasn't enough, Adrianna must deal with a politically correct assassin, an undead organic farmer, the Vegan of Vengeance (yikes), and a literal storm of bones. That's if her dragon fiance doesn't incinerate her friends first. "A wild fantasy romp propelled by humor, horror, and heart." Kirkus Reviews Adrianna Morticia only ever wanted to be a hero. She never asked to be the only one of her sisters with a human face, she never asked for a dragon for a fiancé. She would prefer to spend her time saving the denizens of the free city of S'kar-Vozi from the very sort of creature her sisters strive to be. But she can't turn her back on her family either. So when her arranged marriage is scheduled decades sooner than she had hoped, Adrianna heeds the call. That doesn't mean that life outside her wedding stops though. Despite Adrianna trying to put aside her aspirations of being a hero, she is called on by the Nine in Ringwall to help save the free city and the Archipelago itself from the greatest threat it's ever faced: a vampire using the reanimated skeletons to totally undercut the local economy.

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